DNS Belgium

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DNS Belgium.JPG
Type: Non-profit Organization
Industry: Domain Industry
Founded: 1999
Founder(s): ISPA Belgium
Country: Belgium
Website: www.dns.be
Key People
Philip Du Bois, General Manager
TLDs: 2
Registrations: 14,565

More Info: nTLDStats

DNS Belgium is the organization that manages the registration of Belgium's .be ccTLD.[1]

DNS Belgium was created in 1999 by ISPA, Betug and Agoria. DNS Belgium facilitates cooperation between the nation's ISPs, dictates technical and regulatory details for registration, . [2] DNS.be is organized with a Board of Directors and a Strategic Committee., the Board is the major controlling entity and is made up of three members. The Strategic Committee is formed of representatives of the three founding organizations, effective members, and advisory members. Currently, there are 9 members in this committee.

In February, 2012, Peter Vergote, Legal & Administrative Manager at DNS.be, was elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of CENTR, which is the umbrella organization for European ccTLD registries. He will serve through 2013.[3]