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Country: USA
Website: cnr.it

Domain Name System Women or DNS Women was established in 2009 at ICANN in Mexico with the mission to "provide encouragement, inspiration and active support to women in the DNS Industry." The organization aims to advance women’s global Internet leadership through networking, information and resource sharing, with focus on increasing the participation of women leaders in the DNS Industry.[1]

Its membership includes over 400 women from around the globe. 86% of the members are in executive or managerial positions. 30% have a business background, 20% have a technical background, and 20% have a law or policy background. Membership is free.[1]

DNS Women has had meetings around the world, in countries like Australia, South Korea, Kenya, Belgium, Colombia, USA, Brazil, Morocco, Singapore, Senegal, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, Dublin and China.[1]

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