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Country: UK
Email: denesh [at]

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Denesh Bhabuta is the CEO at Cyberstrider Network Services Limited, the Managing Director at DB Corp Limited; and the Founder, Chairman, and COO at Aexiomus Limited.

Bhabuta is also the Program Committee Member at London Internet Exchange; Member of the Funding Council and Council of Management Member at RBIEX, Partner at Serendipity Partnership, and Committee Member at Usurp. At UK Network Operators Forum he is a Program Forum Event Manager and Funding Council Member.[1]

Career History

Denesh has been involved in various IT and non-IT related companies, and has provided consultancy work as well. His internet experience began in 1989 on a personal level, and eventually moved on to working in the internet industry in 1994.

Some of the companies he has worked for in the past include Lancaster University (post funded by UKERNA), Demon Internet (London), Thus plc (London), Level3 (London), Firstmark Communications (based in Hanover, Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg), Lambdanet (Hanover), FLAG Telecommunications (London) and Tunisia Telecom (Tunis).

Outside of IT, he was involved with companies such as NJ Training (Training company in London) and Inner Healing (Holistic Therapies, based in Manchester) as a Non-Executive Director.

Denesh was a member elected Director of LONAP Limited from April 2004 until May 2006, where he held the posts of Finance Director, Events Manager and "Walking, Talking Billboard for LONAP". LONAP is an extremely successful and stable not-for profit Neutral Internet Exchange based in London.

In addition, between April 1999 and April 2006 he held the member elected post of Policy Advisory Board Member at Nominet.

He has also held the member-elected post of co-Chair of RIPEs Local Internet Registry Working Group, which discussed and implemented policies on IP addressing within Europe.[2]


  • Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations, the Institute of Commercial Management.
  • PGDip , Cognitive Science and Intelligent Computing, the University of Westminster.
  • BSc (Hons) , Biotechnology with Business Studies, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.