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Digital Grassroots (DIGRA) is a youth network engaging youth to resolve Internet related challenges in their local communities. The organisation was created at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2017 by a group of the Youth@IGF Fellows. [1]

Digital Grassroots runs a youth-led open program in which they train youth in digital literacy through community engagement and mentorship in order to promote a bottom up approach as stakeholders in the Internet Governance ecosystem so as to promote a healthier Internet. Their focus is on advocacy, digital literacy in under-represented communities, diversity and inclusion.

DIGRA engages youth to reduce the existing age gap in the Internet ecosystem. Their leadership team is 80% female led, all below 25 years old and their cohort has 50-50 gender balance of 100 youth from 36 countries. They reached over 500 people globally in the first cohort of our program alone.