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|portrait  = DmitryBurkovPortrait.JPG
|portrait  = DmitryBurkovPortrait.JPG
|caricature = DmitryBurkovCaricature.jpg
|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg
|country    = Russia  
|country    = Russia  
|email      = dburk [at] rt.ru
|email      = dburk [at] rt.ru

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Country: Russia
Email: dburk [at] rt.ru
Facebook: Facebook.png   [Dmitry Burkov Dmitry Burkov]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [dburk Dmitry Burkov]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @dvburk

Dmitry Burkov is the Bussiness Development Executive at IBM East Europe/Asia and the ICANN Liaison at RIPE NCC.[1]

On May 2009, he was re-elected as a RIPE NCC Executive Board Member for an additional three years.[2]

Previously, he has served as a Council Member, and Board Member at the Coordination Center for the TLD .RU.[3] He has also held several positions at OJSC Rostelecom where he was engaged in the building and development of internet services and the largest Russian national IP-backbone, including participating in forums like EUnet, RIPE and CIX.

Dmitry has been an actively involved in the WSIS, IGF, ICANN, the ITU, and a member of the IT Council of Russian Ministry of Infotelecommunications.[4]