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Type: Profit Corporation
Industry: Regional Internet Registry
Founded: 2003
Country: USA
Website: [1]

The Concept of Domain Parking

Domain Parking is the registration of a domain name without the intent to create and develop a unique site but rather "reserve" it for future development by the registrant or another party. A parked page can potentially generate high levels of traffic, and thus may just be a page full of advertisements.[1]

Many domainers do not do this on their own, but instead contract out their domain or domain portfolio to be parked via a parking company. The company will create the landing page of the website filled with ads and in exchange obtain a percentage of the advertising revenue. [2] The domainer may be holding onto the parked domain to sell later, or also could be satisfied with retaining the parked page in exchange for consistent advertising revenue.[3]


Founded in 2003, is one of the biggest companies specialized in domain monetization.