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Affiliation: ISOC
Country: USA

Donald Heath is the former President of ISOC and currently a member of the Board of Trustees at ISOC. He was the CEO of ISOC for approximately 5 years, starting in 1996.[1]

Professional Experience

Within ISOC

Donald Heath was the President of ISOC for over five years. In this role he conducted various activities for the development of Internet related services.[2] He was also a ISOC representative for different programs and global initiatives such as:

  • Chair of International Ad Hoc Committee
  • Member of the Advisory Committee on Telecommunications for Ireland's Government
  • Member of the World Intellectual Property Organization Panel of Experts
  • Member of the International Telecommunication Union

He is also a current member of the U.S. State Department Advisory Committee for International Communication and Information Policy.

Past Experiences

Prior to working for ISOC, Mr. Heath occupied different positions, including:

  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Transaction Network Services
  • Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at BT North America
  • President and Chief Operating Officer at XtraSoft
  • Vice President at Tymnet [3]


  • Bachelor of Mathematics, Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota