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Organization: Safaricom
Affiliation: NextGen@ICANN
Region: Africa
Country: Kenya
Facebook: Facebook.png   Eric Mwobobia
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Eric Mwobobia
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @EricMwobobia

Eric Kimathi is a community organizer with interests in Technology, Leadership and communities.

Eric has served in this capacity on different platforms and seeks to explore any new opportunities.

Career History

Eric is a computer scientist with a great interest in leadership and communities. He focuses keenly on the Internet of Things technologies; developing projects and training people on the same. Eric is actively involved with local tech communities such as the Google Developer Groups, Safaricom, Intel, and Microsoft developer ecosystems.

Eric is an enthusiastic designer.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

By joining ICANN, Eric joins the young active champions of internet governance and policy formulation. Eric was one of the ICANN59 Fellows. He has since moved on to be a NextGen at ICANN Ambassador.


Eric Attained his alma mater in May 2016 from Egerton University, having pursued Bsc in Computer Science.