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Estonian Internet Foundation operates the country code top-level domain of Estonia, .ee


The Top-Level Domain .ee was introduced in 1992 and was operated by EENet until July 2010. The administrator of .ee domain was the academician Endel Lippmaa. There was a limit of one domain name per legal entity, valid registrations were free of charge.

Domain relaunch

The new order of registration of .ee TLD became available on 5 July 2010. Estonian Internet Foundation took over .ee ccTLD registry functions from EENet. All existing domains registered before the transition had to be re-registered during a 6 month transition period which ended on 5 January 2011. New .ee domain rules allow unlimited number of domains to be registered by a single entity. Private persons can now register domains directly under .ee. Foreign entities can now register .ee domains although all domains must have an administrative contact with residence in Estonia. Domain disputes will be handled by Domain Disputes Committee. Registration services can be done through accredited registrars listed on Estonian Internet Foundation website. Domains can be registered and renewed for one, two or three years.

Registration fee

Registration fee for registrars is set to 12, 23 or 33 Euros plus tax in 2014 depending on the registration period.

Third-level domain names

  • – companies (incorporated entities) as defined in the Commercial Code.
  • – individuals.
  • – self-employed people (sole proprietors) as defined in the Commercial Code.
  • – medical/health care institutions.