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Industry: Internet
Headquarters: Salta 2041

Mar del Plata
Buenos Aires

Country: Argentina
Email: contacto[at]fuilatin.org
Website: FUILatin.org
Facebook: FLUI
Key People
Javier Rojas Chandía, President

Antonio Medina Gómez, Vice President

FLUI is an advocacy organization for Latin American Internet users. The federation works for the growth and development of ICT in Latin American countries and handles issues concerning security, domain names, and Internet education.[1] It aims to provide better opportunities to the American continents through easy access to communication technologies. Educating those with little to no knowledge of the Internet, and overcoming the infrastructural hurdles preventing further Internet use, is of particular concern to FLUI .[2]

FLUI members appreciate and support the Iberoamerican Community of Nations' Web Awards.[3]


FLUI strongly believes in the multi-stakeholder model, and the important role that the average Internet user plays in this process. It has previously written to ICANN to express its concern regarding the many high entrance barriers that prevent the general populace from becoming a part of the ICANN process. It recognizes the roles that corporations and Internet groups play, but fears that ICANN is relying too much on these entities and not enough on Internet end-users.[4]

Some of FLUI's members and directors also participate in ICANN activities.[5]

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