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Country: France
Email: godefroy [at] startingdot.com
LinkedIn: link=[1]   [[2] Godefroy Jordan]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @godefroy1

Godefroy Jordan is the CEO of StartingDot s.a.s., a french start up registry founded in November 2011 in Paris and applying for a portfolio of new gTLDs

Past Work

Godefroy has been an internet pioneer since 1995. A serial entrepreneur, he was founder and CEO of the Paris based web agency B2L/BBDO (1999-2003) and has conceived of and managed dozens of web and mobile sites, whether it be for large companies (Orange, Peugeot, EDF, Auchan, M&Ms, Disney…), for start-ups or as an editor (Logic-Immo.com, Les-Bonnes-Promos.com…).

An enthusiastic business developer, he has also worked with start-ups as a qualified investor (Immostreet.com, 2xmoinscher.com...) and created the main reseller of Google AdWords in France inside Spir Communication, as Deputy General Manager for Internet Business (2006-2011).

Citizen entrepreneur, he participates regularly in the works of several professional associations (Renaissance Numérique, Geste, IAB France, AACC, ICMA…)


Godefroy has received his education from Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and has a Master in Economics and Political Sciences (1991) and a Master in mMrketing Strategy (1993).