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Type: Limited liability company
Industry: Domain Registrar
Founded: 2008
Founder(s): Jan Horak
Headquarters: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Website: Gransy
Facebook: FB
LinkedIn: Gransy s.r.o.
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@Subreg
Key People
Jan Horak, CEO

Gransy s.r.o. is an ICANN accredited Registrar founded by Jan Horak in 2008. At present the company is offering nearly 1000 TLDs (with 100+ direct Accreditations [1]) and managing more than 430,000 domain names registered by customers from over 80 countries around the world. We offer a powerful API enabling an unrestricted control over your domains for automation and connection of our services to your systems. We are also developing our own WHMCS domain module which will easily interconnect the popular web hosting system and our services.

Gransy s.r.o. is based in Prague, Czech Republic. [2]


Key events in the history of Gransy s.r.o. include:

  • 2008 - Company was founded
  • 2010 - Accredited by ICANN
  • 2012 - Booth on ICANN44 in Prague + started attending worldwide domain conferences and meetings and making a name in a domain industry
  • 2014 - Acquisition of and expansion to Ukraine, Russia and other post-Soviet countries.
  • 2016 - Acquisition of .RS and .HR accredited Registrar and rebranded to GRANSY d.o.o.

Services [3]

  • Registration and complex administration of domains
  • Full automation [4]
  • Administration of DNS incl. support of DNSSEC
  • Partners' program
  • Resellers' program
  • WhiteLabel domain system
  • Anycast
  • Services for accredited registrars
  • System for registry's administration
  • Domains drop catching
  • Providing of domain sales
  • Auctions of domains

Projects [5]

  • Subreg - The main domain project which has started it all and which allows the registration of nearly 1000 types of world domains.
  • Regtons - Regtons is a wholesale domain offer project designed for foreign partners. It features lots of information on cooperation possibilities and offered technical solutions. offers detailed information on partner programs, registrar/register solutions or information about our accreditations.
  • - We currently offer registration services and domain administration to Russian-speaking markets.
  • - The project started in 2014 in order to support the registration of new domain extensions and to provide up-to-date information from the world of new domains.
  • G-Hosting - G-hosting is a project of technically focused and automated web hosting that offers the installation of popular open source applications. It has been verified by a few thousand customers.
  • - Anycast DNS is fast network with many nodes worldwide, secured with protection against DDoS and other web attacks and with powerful functionality and API. At the moment it offers 34 nodes (at least one in each continent) and is used by KENIC - .KE domain name registry.
  • Archonpanel - ARCHON Panel is the extension web environment for the FRED project. The Panel features complete registry administration and also provides an interface for accredited registrar.