Hannah Frank

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Country: Argentina
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Hannah Frank is a lawyer, who graduated from Cordoba National University, Córdoba Argentina. She is deeply passionate about International Trade Law which is her field, with more than 2 years of experience. That passion for that area led to the release of some publications related to Online Dispute Resolution, International Commercial Arbitration, and Dépeçage on International Commercial Contracts. In this context, she was a speaker twice at the Argentinian International Law Association Congresses.

Hannah was featured in the ICANN 78 - Hamburg Playing Card Deck


Since 2020 she has been part of ICANN, in Latin American and Caribbean Island Regional At-large Organization, representing Argentinian Informatic Law Association. She uses her skills and knowledge gained in the International Trade Law field to the ICANN ecosystem, tackling the interrelationship that exists between both areas on policies from a multicultural and multistakeholder perspective. She was a participant in the ICANN 76 NextGen@ICANN Program, where she carried out her research as well as presented on topics related to DNS and SDGs.

She works as an international commercial, corporate, and business freelance attorney and is in the Consumer Defense Government Office as well as the Misdemeanour Court Office. In her free time, she is an English language instructor, focusing on business, corporate, and legal English.