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== Sponsors ==
== Sponsors ==
'''''Platinum:''''' [[KT]]
'''''Gold:''''' [[VeriSign]], [[Afilias]], [[NeuStar]], [[SIDN]]
''''Platinum Elite:'''''
'''''Silver:''''' [[InternetX]], [[Minds + Machines]], [[IP Mirror]], [[CORE]], [[GMO Registry]], [[.org]], [[CNNIC]], [[Registry ASP]], [[Inter Link]], [[dot Mobi]], [[netpia]], [[Asadal]], [[Digital Names]]
'''''Bronze:''''' [[.eu]], [[.pro]], [[.music]], [[Name Action]], [[CRS]], [[iron DNS]], [[.Asia]], [[RU-Center]], [[Inames]], [[gabia]], [[WHOIS]]
[[Category:ICANN Meetings]]
[[Category:ICANN Meetings]]

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Dates: 25-30 October, 2010
Location: Seoul, Korea
Host: KISA
Venue: Lotte Hotel Seoul
Website: ICANN 36 Website
Registration: List of Registered Attendees



Platinum: KT

Gold: VeriSign, Afilias, NeuStar, SIDN

Silver: InternetX, Minds + Machines, IP Mirror, CORE, GMO Registry, .org, CNNIC, Registry ASP, Inter Link, dot Mobi, netpia, Asadal, Digital Names

Bronze: .eu, .pro, .music, Name Action, CRS, iron DNS, .Asia, RU-Center, Inames, gabia, WHOIS