Joao Marcelo Ceron

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Country: Brazil

Joao Marcelo Ceron is a Security Analyst and Incident Handler at at[1]

He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Applied Computing. His thesis topic for his MS was "Distributed Architecture for Automated and Mitigation Botnet Based on Dynamic Analysis of Malware."[2]

Joao Ceron recieved the ISOC fellowship to IETF for IETF 74,[3] 76[4] and 79.[5]


  • On Using Mashups for Composing Network Management Applications
  • Botnet Master Detection Using a Mashup-based Approach
  • An arquitecture for botnet's mitigation basead in a signature system
  • UFRGS's Host Registry System as a Security Tool
  • A solution to monitoring the BGP protocol in Internet Exchange Points
  • The security incident response process
  • A specialized SNMP MIB for IXPs implemented in the software quagga
  • Honeynet: current state of traffic
  • Vulnerabilities in Web Applications: An Analysis Based on Data Collected in Honeypots.
  • CERT-RS: Overview and Actions
  • CERT-RS: security incidents's and trends
  • Management criteria for brazilians interconnection points
  • Experiences with the protocolo 802.1x
  • Honeypots as a Security Mechanism
  • Diagnostics Attacks's using Network Management Tools and Honeypots
  • Netflow for Network TCHE's clients
  • Overview of security incidents's of the CERT-RS
  • Técnicas utilizadas para burlar firewalls[6]