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== References==
== References==
<ref name="monitor">[http://mobile.monitor.co.ug/Do-women-have-similar-aspirations-/-/691260/2645558/-/format/xhtml/-/g39tmmz/-/index.html Do women have similar aspirations?], DailyMonitor.com. Published 2015 March 8.</ref>

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Affiliation: SmsOne Uganda Ltd
Country: Uganda
Blog: [jwandeka.blogspot.com jwandeka.blogspot.com]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Joyce Wandeka
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Joyce Wandeka Joyce Wandeka]
Google+: Google Plus
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @@jwandeka

Joyce Wandeka aka Joy was born in Uganda and she has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Makerere University Uganda. She has worked as a Software Developer and CRBT Administrator at SmsOne Uganda Ltd since June 2010, where she does application and website development.[1]

ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco was Wandeka's first ICANN Meeting, where she hoped to have answered her questions about Domain Name Security and related topics.[1]

She likes socializing and travelling. She is a Christian with a strong believe that God exists.


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