Judith Hellerstein

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Country: USA
Email: judith [at] jhellerstein.com
LinkedIn: link=Judith Hellerstein   [Judith Hellerstein Judith Hellerstein]

Judith Hellerstein is the founder of Hellerstein & Associates, a research consultancy which specializes in opening up telecom and tech opportunities around the world, by providing strategy and consulting on legislation, regulatory policy, ICT, e-government, and more. They work with private sector companies, foreign governments, and multi-lateral organizations. Hellerstein is a member of the US State Department's International Telecom Advisory Council and is on the US Delegation for the 2014 Plenipotentiary conference, where she is focusing on Internet policy, Internet governance, cybersecurity, and broadband adoption and buildout. She is also a Board member of the Washington DC Chapter of ISOC, the founder of Capital Area Globetrotters, an organization which is involved with ICANN's ALAC.[1]

Since the mid 2000s, Hellerstein has worked with numerous countries around the world on developing new ICT and e-government laws, reviewing and amending old laws, developing ICT policies, and providing regulatory and policy capacity building.[1]

As of ICANN 52 in Singapore, she had attended over two ICANN conferences, as well as IGF and Plenipotentiary.