Kamel Saadaoui

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Kamel saadaouiPortrait.jpg
Kamel saadaouiCaricature.jpg
Affiliation: ATI
Country: Tunisia
Email: saadaoui[at]ati.tn

Kamel Saadaoui is the CEO of ATI, (Agence Tunisienne dInternet) known as Tunisian Internet Agency the principal Tunisian ISP run by the Ministry of Communications. [1] He was appointed as the acting director of ATI in Januray 2008. [2]

Kamel Saadaoui has put significant contribution in the development of .tn domain name registration policy for and its promotion and marketing via his company ATI. He has been working on Arabization of Domain Names and Tunisia became one of the 13 countries, including Egypt, China and Russia, which are or will soon be available to the population of domain names in their own language. He is currently working on the infrastructure for the management of domain names in Arabic as ATI has chosen to retain the services of the AFNIC, a TLD registry operator. He is also participating in the preparation of Tunisia 's migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. [3]