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Type: Private Limited Company
Industry: Brand Protection, Corporate Domain Management, dotBRAND services, Registrar, Registry Service Provider
Founded: 2002
Founder(s): Martin Kuechenthal, Thomas Kuechenthal
Headquarters: Werkstraße 12, 24955 Harrislee
Country: Germany
Website: www.lemarit.com, www.lemarit-registry.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@@LEMARIT
Key People
Martin Kuechenthal, CEO
Thomas Kuechenthal, CTO
Neli Marcheva, Manager Registry Operations
Zornitsa Marcheva, Senior Consultant ICANN

LEMARIT offers digital brand protection, corporate domain management, dotBRAND, and digital security services to companies and organizations. It is an accredited Registrar and a Registry Service Provider. It is based in Harrislee, Germany, and was founded in 2002 by Martin Kuechenthal and Thomas Kuechenthal.[1]

Products and services

  • Digital Brand Protection[2]
  • Corporate Domain Management[3]
  • dotBRAND services[4]
  • Digital security services[5]
  • Registrar services
  • Registry Service Provider[6]

ICANN Involvement

Martin Kuechenthal, Neli Marcheva and Zornitsa Marcheva represent LEMARIT and its clients at ICANN conferences and working groups. As an accredited registrar, LEMARIT actively supports the Registrar Stakeholder Group. At the Registry Stakeholder Group LEMARIT acts as a proxy for its clients.