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Country: Costa Rica
Email: luisdiego.espinoza [at]
Facebook: link=Luis Diego Espinoza   [Luis Diego Espinoza Luis Diego Espinoza]
LinkedIn: link=Luis Diego Espinoza   [Luis Diego Espinoza Luis Diego Espinoza]

UnderConstruction.png Luis Diego Espinoza is the Chief Technology Officer at NIC Internet Costa Rica. He is also the Canal 15 IT Analyst at the University of Costa Rica and IT Specialist at Strategic and Enterprise Planning Unit at the same university. He serves as Technical Counselor at the National Academy of Sciences of Costa Rica.[1]

Career History

Mr. Espinoza has been working at the University of Costa Rica for more than 20 years and at the NIC Internet Costa Rica for 15 years.[2] From 2001 to 2003, he was the Director of Information Technology at Ministry of Presidency and From 2003-2010, he was the Systems Engineer at University of Costa Rica.[3]

In the 90's, he worked with the people who setup the Internet links to Costa Rica, Central America and Caribbean region. He has been the Co-designer in wide scale Internet project for the country as adviser of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is a member of the ccNSO Incident Response WG and member of ccNSO Tech WG.[4]

Mr. Espinoza has been a Consultant to the Costa Rica National Academy of Science, to the Costa Rica Ministry of Science & Technology and to the University of Costa Rica’s Informatics Department.[5]

He attended LACNIC XIII.[6]


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