Mariko Kobayashi

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Organization: Keio University/WIDE Project
Region: Asia
Country: Japan
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   Mariko Kobayashi
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   Mariko Kobayashi
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Mariko Kobayashi is a computer science student in the master course of Keio University, WIDE Project Board Member and a member of ISOC Japan Chapter. She is currently doing research about UX on Wi-Fi network services in Jun Murai Lab, and works in CAPPORT WG in IETF and the Internet Governance community.

Career History

Mariko Kobayashi is working as an internship of the expert team at JPNIC(Japan Network Information Center) and researching ICANN policies and trends of IGF topics. She also has started an internship as a research engineer at mercari. Previously, she has worked as an engineer for Japanese ISP, NTT communications to work on a project related to SDN. She also has three years of experience as a mentor to teach programming for a school child at Tech Kids School.Inc.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • Fellow, APIGA2016
  • Joined the first phase of Youth@ IGF Programme 2016 and 2017
  • Fellow and an organizer of a workshop, APrIGF2018
  • Member, Internet Society(ISOC), Japan Chapter
  • Program Committee, ISOC Japan Chapter
  • Internet Standardization Promotion Committee (ISPC) Member, ISOC Japan Chapter
  • Internet Governance Conference Japan(IGCJ)

Involvement of Technical Community


  • 2014〜 Jun Murai Lab. at Keio University and have started research about Wi-Fi network services.
  • 2017 B.A.(Environmental Information), Keio University
  • 2018〜 Master of Media and Governance(Cyber Informatics course), Keio University