MicroBoss Technologies

Type: Private
Industry: ISP, Domain Registrar, Training Academy, Applications Developer
Founded: 2010
Founder(s): Lawrence O.Olawale-Roberts, Tolu Olawale-Roberts
Headquarters: Abuja, NIGERIA
Country: Nigeria
Email: mails@microboss.org
Website: Official:[www.microboss.org]

Network Infrastructure:[www.microboss.tel]
Domain Eco-System:[www.microboss.xyz]

Facebook: [1]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lawrenceor
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Key People
Lawrence Olawale-Roberts, Tolu Olawale-Roberts

Introducing MicroBoss Technologies

We are a premier Internet Service Company and technology solutions provider operating out of Abuja, Nigeria. We are a fast-paced global information communications technology firm with strong telecommunication ties, aiming to become one of the largest and leading technology services company globally, whilst satisfying the most advanced and demanding client needs in the African Sub-Region.

We constantly seek to provide first-class services with the utilization of State-of-the-Art-Technologies and development of customized and tested solutions to keep the most demanding clients satisfied.

We maintain a rich portfolio of products that cut across broadband traffic and Internet provision via terrestrial cable networks to metropolitan fiber networks and local microwave radios. Our expertise in the deployment of various ICT projects help to build and roll out secure networks on both IPv6 and IPv4 protocols, thus physically connecting networks across Africa, Europe, America and Asia, with great emphasis on placing our clients in control of managing and growing their sectors within our network.

MicroBoss Technologies cross-connects with over 300 global ICT conglomerates with a good number of them ranking top of the list of Fortune 500 companies. A number of our clients leverage on this International Backbone and Gateway to extend their footprints or evolve new business relationships globally, and at a fraction of the cost, they would ordinarily have incurred to connect to these resources cutting across the financial services, media advertising and other commercial service sectors.

We at MicroBoss provide a product-independent service that allows us to use tools that suit the needs of our clients and help in delivering customized services at a reasonable cost. We leverage our clients' existing infrastructure to provide an optimal mix of services required whilst paying attention to their level of experience, availability of IT support and our clients’ budget.


The management structure of MicroBoss Technologies is broken into three. The coordinating sector is made up of the Board and the office of the Chief Executive Officer. The support sector is made up of the Administrative & Human Resource Core as well as the Business Development & Marketing Core. The third arm is the commercial sector made up of four divisions namely the Network Infrastructure Core, Enterprise Software Core, Domain Ecosystem Core and the Training & Intelligence Core. The Legal & Audit unit, Media & Public Relations unit, Accounts unit and Secretariat make up the divisions within the Office of the Chief Executive Officer.


COMPANY VISION “ Building human capacity to enhance the growth of the Internet’s domain ecosystem and evolving advancement through creative, innovative and insightful development of new and efficient technologies, strategies and infrastructure to provide hybrid solutions to varying client needs for human endeavour”.

COMPANY MISSION “To provide Total IT Solutions across Africa and the International community, innovate cutting-edge, creative and pragmatic telecommunications products and solutions that deliver great value to our customers worldwide, as we assemble competent and accomplished professionals and expertise to Support such Services, and ensure that our client’s experience is worry-free.

COMPANY SLOGAN “MicroBoss… your communications service provider, bringing the world to your fingertips”.


COMPANY CORE VALUES i. MicroBoss Technologies is a highly ethical company, which does business with speed, dedication, efficiency, proficiency and Integrity, conducting itself with high professional integrity and being socially responsible to its social environment.

ii. MicroBoss offer professional services delivered by highly qualified staff with extensive experience in prompt service delivery, development and management techniques to meet a wide variety of needs.

iii. MicroBoss Technologies applies very detailed and strict project management standards and methodology during solution implementation. Our staffs apply time proven, disciplined methodology to help clients implement Business Intelligence solutions quickly in order to achieve rapid measurable success. Our focus is to implement best practices with the ability to make every project phase fully transparent, cost effective and on schedule.


MIcroBoss with technical and financial assistance from a group of strategic partners would host a critical mass of indigenous domain names in our eco-system situated in our hub in Abuja. Whilst all approved ICANN domains would be optimised for hosting in our eco-system, our flagship domain would be Nigeria's Top level domain – the .ng ccTLD. Whilst other domains would be hosted and maintained at a reasonable fee on our platform, .ng domain holders on our platform would be hosted Free Of Charge for Nigerians at home and abroad, thereby helping to deepen the internet ecosystem in Nigeria and by extension Africa by the year 2025.

Our desire to onboard at least 2 million new domain users into the global domain name ecosystem by the year 2022, would however only amount to growing active internet DNS subscribers in Nigeria by a menial 2.5%, when benchmarked against 80 million Nigerians that represent the Nations mid-range population and active internet users.

One of our core targets of this initiative is to build an ecosystem where Nigerian firms, professionals and young entrepreneurs’ can host and lease servers at very minimal fees to grow their businesses and online digital presence. MicroBoss aims to incubate 10,000 new businesses and start-ups by providing them free domain name registrations and a free hosting platform for their websites and customized emails. These offers would exclusively be for .ng domains only. In the process, a minimum of 1,000 domain resellers and web service firms would be launched across Nigeria and Globally, but with a firm focus on developing the DNS market in the African continent.