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Country: France
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @nathaliedreyfus

Nathalie Dreyfus is the CEO of Dreyfus & Associés.


Nathalie works as a French Trademark Attorney, and is registered with Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle. Nathalie has also worked as an Industrial Property Attorney and WIPO panelist in Geneva.[1] She has been a part of numerous decisions as a panellist in the WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Center.

She is also a European Trademark Attorney registered with OHIM. Nathalie worked at the Centre d'études internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI) in 1996.

Other Mediation and Arbitration Work

  • Expert in the Belgium Arbitration Center (CEIPANI)
  • Panellist in the National Arbitration Forum (NAF)
  • Panellist in the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Center (CMAP)
  • Expert before the Court of Appeals - Paris


She received her postgraduate qualifications in Intellectual Property Law from University of Paris II, Panthéon Assas in 1991.[2]


  • International Trademark association (INTA)
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • European Community Trademark Association (ECTA)
  • Association of Induistrial Property Attorneys (ACPI)
  • Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG)
  • Association of French trademark, Patent & Design Attorney
  • Internet and Trademark Commission of the French Association of Practitioners in Trademark and Designs Law, (APRAM)
  • Internet Commission, National Institute of Industrial Property Agents (CNCPI)
  • National Institute of Industrial Property Agents (CNCPI)
  • French Association of Information and Telecommunication Law (AFDIT)
  • French Chapter Internet Society (ISOC)
  • ICANN At-Large Committee (ALAC
  • Association of Industrial Property Attorneys (ACPI)
  • LES (Licensing Executives Society International)