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Industry: Registry
Country: St. Lucia
Email: register [at]
Website: Nic.LC

Nic.LC administers the registry for St. Lucia's .lc ccTLD. Technical registry operations are handled by Afilias.[1]. The University of Puerto Rico is the sponsor of the domain.[2] Nic.LC notes on its website that operations were "essentially closed" from 2005 to 2007.[3] Among its other actions upon reopening, Nic.LC joined the ccNSO in June 2007.[4]

Note: The Nic.LC website was last updated in 2010. Although the site indicates that you can register names directly, the links to do so return 404 errors. In addition, please note that redirects to the government of Antigua and Barbuda. The "www" prefix is necessary to access the Nic.LC site.


The .lc domain is an Open Use ccTLD that is marketed to various forms of business entities known as limited companies.[5] Registration is open at the top level and under six different second-level domains, two of which, and, are specific to particular abbreviations of business forms. The other four,,,, and, echo traditional internet domains.[6] The second level domains and are reserved for agencies and institutions within St. Lucia.[7]


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