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Country: Madagascar
Email: raft [at]

(Nicolas) Raft Razafindrakto is the technical Manager of NIC-MG.[1]

He was a panelist at Worldwide NIC's co-development: "Joint Initiative for Automated Management".[2] Raft attended the 4th AfTLD African ccTLD Event.[3]

Razafindrakto was a Lecturer for CARI'2010[4] and CARI'2012.[5]

Raft was a correspondent for Madagascar at SARIMA.[6]

He is involved with ICANN through ISOC and ccNSO, both of which he has been a member of for more than ten years, as of July 2013.[7]


He attend an ACRP course in 2009.[8]


AfTLD Update for NIC-MG