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Email: Olivier.Muron [at] orange-ftgroup.com
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Olivier Muron is the External Affairs Manager at France Telecom Orange, Vice-President at Cap Digital, and a member of ISPC at ICANN.[1]

Professional Achievements

  • Lecturer at University of California
  • Research scientist at INRIA (French National Research Institute in Information Technology).[2]
  • Head of Information Technology Department at INRIA
  • Vice President in the Innovation Division at France Telecom
  • Vice President R&D Governance at France Telecom

Currently, Mr. Muron is the Vice-President at Cap Digital, the non-profit French business cluster for digital content and services. The organization's members represent the most important people in the digital industry and are provided with essential information, networks, and resources that include ongoing competitive intelligence, training, partnerships, funding solutions, etc.[3]

Mr. Muron and ICANN

Currently, Mr. Muron is a member of the ISPCP Constituency. Prior to occupying this position, Mr. Muron was a member of Accountability and Transparency Review Team. Mr. Muron played an important role in the effort that led to the creation of ICANN. Furthermore, he expresses his views on Internet Governance both at the national and international level.[4]


Olivier Muron has a Ph. D in Statistics from the University of California, and an Engineering Degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris.[5]