Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority

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Founded: 2003
Headquarters: 4th Floor, Al-Amal Building Al

Wehda Street
PS Gaz

Country: Palestine

Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority or PNINA, is the organization which manages the .ps ccTLD for Palestine. It enhances and promotes internet usage in Palestine.[1]

PNINA's Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the Public, Private, Academic, and Legal sectors, as well as institutions interested in advancing Internet usage in Palestine.[1]

Palestinian National Internet Center of Excellence

PNINA established the Palestinian National Internet Center of Excellence as the execution arm for its "non-registration" activities. It is the focal point for a knowledge and resource network for technology in Palestine, to assure Palestine's position as an independent and informed community within the globally connected society. The organization offers professional consultation services, training programs, case studies and several research and development activities in the IT field in addition of establishing partnership with relevant entities. It works with regularly with Palestinian universities, government institutions and NGOs.[1]


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