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Subramanian Anandan - Portrait-2013.jpg
Subramanian Anandan - Caricature-2013.jpg
Country: India
Email: frsdmdu [at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Parama Anandan

Parama Anandan is the Chief Functionary, and founder, of the Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development (FRSD). He was an ICANN Fellow at ICANN Singapore,[1] and at ICANN 46 in Beijing,[2] and has also been an IGCBP IPR Researcher at the DiploFoundation, where he took some 4 courses on Internet governance. Through his studies he has become involved in the IP rights and issues surrounding traditional knowledge.[3]

Work as a Conservationist

Through his work, Mr. Anandan is engaged in protecting indigenous south Indian resources, particularly in and around the Western Ghats Mountains. These mountains were identified as one of the 34 global hotspots for biodiversity by Conservation International.[4] The protection of natural resources involves documenting flora and fauna to better protect biodiversity, and working with tribal communities to both learn from their indigenous knowledge and help them better protect their livelihoods.[5] Other projects include educating native populations about the existence and threat of invasive alien species. He works with national entities, NGOs, and conservation groups such as the Audubon Society, on a variety of these projects.[6] In 2006, Parama Anandan received a FIG foundation grant, which gave him $2,00 EUR to work on educating others on how to survey the terrain.[7] He collaborates with the University of Iowa (USA), and their geology department participates in an annual program to work with Mr. Anandan and the FRSD. He founded the FRSD around 2000.[8]

The FRSD is a registered public charitable Trust in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.[9]


He holds an M.A in English from the University of Madras.[10]