Pedro de Perdigao Lana

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Organization: ISOC
Affiliation: NCSG, UFPR
Country: Brazil
Email: pedro[at]

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LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Pedro de Perdigao Lana

Pedro de Perdigão Lana is a Lawyer at Sistema Fiep (Industries Federation of the State of Paraná) and an academic researcher, mainly reflected in his work within the Study Group on Copyright and Industrial Rights of the Federal University of Paraná (Grupo de Estudos em Direito Autoral e Industrial - GEDAI/UFPR).

He was an ISOC Youth Ambassador to the IGF 2019 and is part of the Nextgen@ICANN 76 program. His interests are mainly in Intellectual Property and Internet Fragmentation. Within ICANN, his main areas of interest are related to UDRP and other RPM policies.

In his academic track, he is a Ph.D. Candidate (UFPR) researching Intellectual Property, specifically limitations and exceptions on copyright. He completed his LL.M. in Business Law at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

In voluntary work, he has been a board member of CC Brasil (Projects and Documentation) since 2021, Internet Society Brazil (Projects) since 2022 and part of the organizing committee of the YouthLACIGF since 2020. He was also part of ISOC's Youth SIG (now Youth SG) board from 2020-2022.