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Country: USA

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Philip (S.) Corwin is a Partner at Butera & Andrews, which is a Law Firm based in Pennsylvania, Washington, DC.[1] He also serves as a Counsel at[2] According to a Press Release of March 2011, Corwin is joining Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC.[3][4][5]


He holds a B.A in Government from Cornell University. He did his JD from Boston College Law School.

Career History

Corwin has more than thirty years of experience in the Legal Industry. He specialises in law of Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property. As a Lawyer, his clients include Information Technology Association of America, First Virtual Holdings, PenOp,, CenterSpan Communications, Sharman Networks Limited (Kazaa), and the Internet Commerce Association.

Before Corwin joined Buerta & Andrews, he was a Government Relations Director at the American Bankers Association. He was also a member of the United States Senate professional staff.

He has lectured on technology-related legislative and regulatory initiatives at platforms like Glasser Legalworks’ E-Commerce Law School and the Practicing Law Institute’s Internet Law Institute, as well as at programs of the American Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar.

He is also a member of many American Bar Association Committees. He has also served as the Chairman of the Business Law Section’s Committee on Legislation.

He is a member of the Bar in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.[6]


Corwin writes on his