Punky Duero

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Country: USA
Email: info [at] logicframework.com
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   Punky Duero

Punky Duero, a Filipino dude who specializes in security both information security and security systems for physical security. In the early 2000s, he explored Japan after receiving his Bachelors degree in Computer Science and working as a software design engineer.

During his journey, he settled in Fukushima and Yokohama, Japan for a year to assist with QA on software for mobile devices not named after fruits. A year later upon completion of the project and after gaining experience in software development, he continued his journey and ventured in California. During his stay, he helped protect some of the fortune 500 companies and some agencies of the government implement enterprise security solutions. With the help of his combined information security, risk management and physical security experience, he helped those organization combat the likes of James Bond and Ethan Hunt.

In 2014, he joined the folks that helps manage the address book of the Internet (ICANN). During his tenure, he took a pen and helped author some of the documents that govern some of the process for the IANA Functions to support ICANN. He rallied around different communities to provide awareness on security through public speaking engagements to different tribes (InfoSec Community, Hacker Community, Network Operating Groups and Business Owners).