Qatar Domains Registry

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Status: Active
country: Qatar
Type: ccTLD

More information: link= Domains Registry

Qatar Domains Registry, a department of the Communications Regulatory Authority, is the domain administrator and registry operator for the .qa ccTLD for Qatar.[1]

In 2004, the Supreme Council of Information and Community Technology was created by a government decree to "regulate the two sectors of Communication and Information Technology, and the creation of an advanced information Community by preparing a subtle environment of infrastructure and a community capable of using communication and information technologies." The .qa ccTLD was initially delegated to Qatar Telecom, aka Q-Tel, in 2006.[1]

On August 19th, 2010, the Electronic Commerce and Transactions Law NO 16 was decreed and gives explicit responsibility for Qatar's ccTLD to its current sponsoring organization, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology. The law reads, "the Supreme Council alone is responsible for the management of top-level domains for the State of Qatar on the Internet, and has the authority to delegate this responsibility."[1]

The .qa re-delegation was an uncontentious event because all parties, including Qatar Telecom, the previous manager, agreed to the transition.[1]


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