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Industry: Internet Services, Enterprise Solutions
Founded: July, 2000
Headquarters: Lot 2-2Incubator 1,
Technology Park Malaysia
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Website: Qinetics.net
Facebook: Profile
Key People
Tk Tan, CEO

Qinetics Solutions Berhard offers complete domain services, in addition to Software Development, System Integration, IT Outsourcing and Consultancy. While the company is particularly strong in Asia, it has global ambitions and already serves over 4,000 customers and resellers across 70 countries; they have registered and manage over 2,000,000 domains.[1] WEBCC is a subsidiary of Qinetics, and the company is internationally engaged as WebNIC.[2] The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, though it has other offices in Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Taipei.[3]


Qinetics provides: registry-registrar services, global and Asian domain name wholesale, digital brand management, SEO, system and network integration, IT outsourcing, application management, database services, website development, customizable software services, and other such IT solutions.[4]


In 2008, Qinetics teamed up with BoxSentry to provide RealMail email services to all their customers. BoxSentry's email services provide a safeguarded mail service, and they are able to provide Qinetics a platform that functions in multiple languages.[5]

Also in 2008, Qinetics was contracted by the country of Oman to consult and develop their ccTLD, .om. The extension is noted as important due to the possibility of Typo Traffic, which could result from users misseplling .com. The accidental traffic that .co and .cm gain from typo traffic is significant.[6]

In 2009, Interlink announced it was partnering with Qinetics' RegistryASP division to provide them with the needed support for a new gTLD program.[7] Interlink was responsible for the World Domain Cup, wherein they ran a cash and benefits contest to have a member of the general public submit the most popular option for a new gTLD; the winning extension was .earth.[8] Interlink will be depending on Qinetics' RegistryASP divison to supply all needed registry services, in both ASCII and IDN domain names.[9]

Qinetics is the exclusive registrar for .asia domains in Malaysia.[10]


VIP Registry Pte. Ltd is a subsidiary of Qinetics that is incorporated in Singapore.