RSSAC Operational Procedures

The Root Server System Advisory Committee codifies its operating policies and procedures in an Operational Procedures document.[1] The committee reviews its procedures annually, and updates or adjusts procedures as necessary.[1]

Structural and Administrative Procedures The Operational Procedures elaborate upon the structural and administration procedures of the committee's charter, as defined in Article 12.2(c) of the ICANN Bylaws. They specify processes for:

  • the election of the committee chair and vice chair;
  • appointment of primary and alternate representatives from each of the root server operators;
  • appointment and participation of non-voting representatives from organizations responsible for the maintenance of the authoritative root zone; and
  • appointment of liaisons between the RSSAC and other organizations;
  • regular and special meetings of the committee;
  • quorum, voting processes, and other decision-making[1]

RSSAC Caucus Administration The Operational Procedures outline the purposes, eligibility and applications for participation in, and management of the RSSAC Caucus.[1]

Publication Procedures The Operational Procedures describe the publication process for RSSAC publications, including joint work product by the RSSAC and the RSSAC Caucus, as well as publications authored by the committee or caucus alone.[1]