Rahman Khan

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Country: Bangladesh
Email: rahman.khan.john [at] gmail.com
Facebook: link=Rahman Khan   [Rahman Khan Rahman Khan]
LinkedIn: link=Rahman Khan   [Rahman Khan Rahman Khan]

Rahman Khan is the Vice President of ISOC Bangladesh, he has held this position since 2011. He is the Assistant Director of Spectrum Monitoring and Detection at the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission,[1] he has held this position since 2007. The commission is also the country's IDN manager, and is involved in a redelegation process with IANA and the existing ccTLD operator.

Mr. Khan has previously held other roles at the Regulatory Commission, and outside roles with Microsoft Bangladesh, Cisco, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

He is involved with ICANN's GNSO Working Group, and the Joint Applicant Support Working Group.[2]


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