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|twitter    = RamezQuneibi
|twitter    = RamezQuneibi
|facebook  = [http://www.facebook.com/ramez.quneibi Ramez Quneibi]
|facebook  = [http://www.facebook.com/ramez.quneibi Ramez Quneibi]
|linkedin  = [http://jo.linkedin.com/in/ramezquneibi ramezquneibi]
|linkedin  = [http://jo.linkedin.com/in/ramezquneibi RamezQuneibi]

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Ramez Quneibi.JPG
Country: Jordan
Facebook: link=Ramez Quneibi   [Ramez Quneibi Ramez Quneibi]
LinkedIn: link=RamezQuneibi   [RamezQuneibi Ramez Quneibi]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @RamezQuneibi

Ramez Quneibi is Manager of the Web Development Department at the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org). [1]


He graduated from the Information Technology College at Jami'at Philadelphia Al-Khassa with an emphasis in software engineering.[2]

Past Work

Before becoming the Department Manager in 2007,[3] Ramez worked as a Search Engines Specialist at TAG-Org, and, prior to that, as an advanced Search Engine Engineer at Gharbieyah Group for Technology GGT.[4]