Reliable Software Ltd

Industry: Registry
Headquarters: Minsk
Country: Belarus
Email: tech [at]
Website: (English language)

Reliable Software Ltd fulfills the technical registry operations of the .by ccTLD, and its internationalized version, .бел. The .by domain was redelegated to Reliable Software in 2012.[1]

Split Administration

Reliable Software is responsible for the maintenance of the root and other technical aspects of running the .by and .бел domains. The ccTLD's policies, rules, and administrative processes governing its operation are determined by the Operational and Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus (OAC).[2] In particular, applications by government bodies for (or in any form under the .бел IDN) are presented to the OAC directly. Such domains are provided at no cost to bona fide government entities.


The .by domain first appeared on May 5th, 1994. In May 2015, it was reported that the .by domain had amongst the highest growth rates in Europe for two consecutive years in a row, with a total number of domain registrations close to 120,000. Half of those were registered between 2012 and 2015.[3] As of 2021, total registrations numbered approximately 135,000.[4]

Charitable Auctions of .by Domains

Reliable Software raises money for Belarusian orphanages through charitable auctions of reserved .by domain names.[5] In 2015, the money collected through these auctions had exceeded 2 billion Belarusian rubles.[3] The suffix .by is a useful domain hack in English, German, and Dutch.


The .бел IDN has seen a relatively small number of registrations in comparison with .by, with approximately 13,000 total registrations as of 2021.[6]