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Country: USA
Email: slamb [at]
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   Richard Lamb
ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member
of the ICANN Staff

Dr. Richard Lamb has over 40 years of engineering, business, security, and policy experience [1] in the Internet arena. His interests have been intertwined with the progress of technology from a very early age starting with radio circuitry to integrated circuitry to computers to networking and the Internet. Responsible for DNSSEC efforts at ICANN, he was the technical and policy architect for the Internet’s original DNSSEC root key deployment [2][3][4] and regularly teaches and speaks[5][6][7][8] on DNSSEC and other ICT topics. Prior to this, he was Director of Global IT policy at US Department of State where he focused on helping policymakers understand various technologies. Before this, he founded a number of small networking start-ups the last acquired by Microsoft and continues to collaborate with start-ups on innovative solutions and has a number of patents. His years in the networking field have included implementation of a wide range of protocols from the bottom-up including UUCP (author of UUPC/DCP), MCI Mail MEP2, BiSync, SNA/SDLC, X.25, DECNET, Q.921/931, H.323, IPX, NATs, and TCP/IP/DNS. Rick received his doctorate from MIT. [9]


  1. AAAS S&T Policy Fellow and IEEE-USA Executive Fellow
  2. IEEE Professional Achievement Award "For leadership in developing Internet security policy related to global PKI and DNSSEC"
  3. Key Ceremony - The RegisterThe Guardian
  4. Serious Key Ceremony - Doctorow
  6. ICCS
  7. IGF
  8. SCS
  9. linkedin