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Organization: LACNOG
Country: Brazil
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @RogerMariano75

Personal and Career History

Rogerio Mariano de Souza is an Brazilian Network Strategist and Network Architect from Rio de Janeiro, who works in Content Provider/OTT and Service Provider Consultant. Since Jun 2012 he has been the at ICANN Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers (ISPCP) and ICANN LAC Strategy WG.

He is currently Chair of the Board of Directors at BPF (Brazil Peering Forum) and also was the Chair of the LACNOG (Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Group), between 2015-2017, he is participant IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) in IETF-LAC (IETF Latin American and Caribbean Group), participant in IRTF (Internet Research Task Force) in GAIA (Global Access to the Internet for All), Internet Society Member, participant in Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Community, Consultant for the definition and operation of the Service Provider and Content Provider/OTT direction related to the technical architecture of Routing Protocols and Core Infrastructure components and Public Policy for Access and Interconnection, SFI and Peering. Over 17 years of management experience working and is engaged in a variety of projects and operations spanning areas such as Peering (Interconnection Manager & Partner Engagement Coordinator), CLOS/Cloud Architecture, MPLS (TE/VPN/RSVP/PCE), Routing, Internet and Services. He was graduated of Brazilian Internet Governance School ( and South School on Internet Governance (SSIG) in Washington, DC.

Over the past four years it has been thoroughly dedicated part of Internet Governance which has worked with ICANN LAC Strategy WG and Public Policy for Latin American and Caribbean Region with focus in deployment developing for Internet access and connection in Latin America and the Caribbean.

His interests include the intersection of public policy and the internet, and promoting information and communication technologies within society.

Work With ICANN

Rogerio attended the meeting as a Fellowship of the ICANN 54 in Dublin (2015).

Rogerio Mariano has been involved with ICANN since 2012. He is a member of the NCSG Member (Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group) and NCUC (NonCommercial Users Constituency ) in Membership Affairs Team (MAT). Currently working on a project that creates a connection matrix of all ICANN stakeholders to be released in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is also a member and participates in the ICANN LAC Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and is member of Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers (ISPCP) and ICANN LAC Strategy Work Group (ICANN LAC WG), studying and developing Public Policies for Internet Access and Connection in less favored regions in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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