Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Werdstrasse 2

8004 Zurich

Country: Switzerland
Website: SWITCH.ch

SWITCH manages the .ch ccTLD for Switzerland, as well as the .li ccTLD for Liechtenstein.[1] It is an independent organization that operates under the mandate of Switzerland's Federal Office of Communications.[2] It entered into an agreement with the Principality of Liechtenstein's Office for Communications in 2012 to manage registry operations for .li.[2]

As of January 2015, under the Ordinance on Internet Domains, which aimed to ensure that private individuals, businesses, and public bodies in Switzerland are offered a sufficient, reasonably priced, high-quality range of internet domain names that fulfills their requirements,[3] the SWITCH Foundation ceased selling .ch domain names directly and handed over its client base to its registrars. Its focus shifted from operating the .ch domain name directory to maintaining a secure and stable Swiss Internet.[1]

Division Leadership

  • Tom Kleiber is the Managing Director & Head of the "Infrastructure & Identity Services" Division
  • Tania Stephan is the Head of the "Community Management" Division
  • Marco Dütsch is the Head of the "Community Solutions" Division
  • Urs Eppenberger is the Head of "Registry & Collaboration" Division
  • Martin Leuthold is the Head of the "Data, Security & Network" Division


  • SWITCH runs Switzerland's independent multi-sector CERT, which is a full member of FIRST.[4]