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FairWinds Partners

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'''FairWinds Partners''' is a [[Domain Name]] consulting firm co-founded by Managing Partners [[Josh Bourne]] and [[Phil Lodico]] in 2006. The firm aims to help its clients to increase their revenue using their domain names, provide relevant information regarding the latest online technologies and opportunities, and help clients to protect their domain investments. Fairwinds Partners is located in Washington, D.C.<ref>[ About Us]</ref>
FairWinds Partners submitted 107 134 applications to [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]] on behalf of its clients. The company also applied for the [[Brand TLD]] [[.fairwinds]].<ref>[ New gTLD Current Application Status,]</ref> They are the organizers behind a nonprofit organization and Domain Name conference [[Beyond The Dot]].<ref>[ Beyond The Dot]</ref>
Joshua Bourne and Phil Lodico, also co-founded the [[Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse]] (CADNA),<ref>[]</ref>.