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Sarah Kiden

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|organization=Mozilla Foundation (Hosted by Research ICT Africa)
|jobtitle=Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow
|stakeholdergroup=End User, Technical Community
|organisation=Mozilla Foundation (Hosted by Research ICT Africa)
|stakeholder group=At-Large Advisory Committee
|email=skiden[at]gmail[dot]com or sarahk[at]mozillafoundation[dot]org
'''Sarah Kiden''' is a technologist and researcher, passionate about open source solutions, Internet Policy and public interest technology. She is a [ Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow]<ref>2017/2018 [ Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows], Retrieved 12 April 2018.</ref>, hosted by [ Research ICT Africa] (RIA) in Cape Town, South Africa. She is working on an Internet measurements project<ref>[ Africa Internet measurements],; Retrieved 12 April 2018</ref>, focusing on broadband performance, Internet peering and users behavior in Africa. Prior to this, she led the systems team at Uganda Christian University as the Head of Systems, and was a Web & eLearning Administrator before that<ref name="linkedin">[ Sarah Kiden], Retrieved 2016 March 8.</ref><ref>[ Mothers of the Internet],; Retrieved 12 April 2018</ref>.

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