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Bhavin Turakhia

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|portrait = Bhavin_Turakhia_Directi_CEO.jpg|caricature = BhavinTurakhiaCaricature.jpg|born organization=Directi|region=Asia|country = India|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation= RadixGNSO|email = bhavin.t [at]|website = [ Bhavin's Blog]|twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [http Bhavin Turakhia]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-CARD57}}
'''Bhavin Turakhia''' is Founder, CEO and Chairman of [[Directi|The Directi Group]].<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref> He is also CEO of [[ResellerClub]], [[.pw]], [[LogicBoxes]], and [[BigRock]], which are all a part of The Directi Group.<ref>[ Management Profiles - Directi]</ref><ref>[ Management Profiles - BigRock]</ref>

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