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Florian Huber

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Updated affiliation and bio
|organization=United Domains
|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=GNSO|email=huber [at]|website=
'''Florian Huber''' is CEO very active in the start-up industry and co-founder of [[United_Domains | united-domains]] AG. He is also an author of a German domain name guide book and some other booksAngel Investor.<ref>[http Amazon Linkflorianhuber LinkedIn Profile]</ref>
Florian is also very active in He was the startCEO and co-up industry founder of [[United_Domains | united-domains]] AG and was also an Angel Investorauthor of a German domain name book and some other books.<ref>[httpshttp://dewww.linkedinamazon.comde/Ratgeber-Domain-Namen-wichtigsten-Antworten-Internet-Domains/dp/in3839173892/florianhuber LinkedIn ProfileAmazon Link]</ref>

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