Srikar Ananthula

Affiliation: Turvo India Pvt Ltd
Country: India
Email: ananthulasrikar [at] gmail [dot] com


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Srikar Ananthula is a techie, blogger, dreamer, gadget freak, traveler, and part of technical communities.

Overall 4 years of IT experience in the administration of Linux Systems & 1.5 years of experience in Bigdata Hadoop, Microsoft Azure Cloud.

He has worked on VMWare, VirtualBox, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, SharePoint, Hadoop ecosystem installations which include Hive, Pig, Flume, and Spark.

He holds MCP, MS, MSCD, MCT, IBM DB2 Certifications.

He was awarded with "High Flyer Award"​ for "Making a Difference"​, as a part of Excellence Awards in Global Media & Telecom Q3 2013-14 & Excellence Awards NOKIA 2014-15

He is passionate about mentoring and motivating students to adopt the latest technologies.

He volunteers and contributes to Mozilla as Mozilla Rep. His name was inscribed on Mozilla’s monument in SFO and was added to He started Mozilla Hyderabad to form a vibrant community of Mozilla Contributors in the Hyderabad region. He participates in competitions, organizing events, meetups, delivering talks and attended WebSummit 2015 (Largest Startup Event) too.

He has attended more than 150+ events, delivered talks in more than 25+ colleges and traveled to Europe, USA, UK, Ireland.


B.Tech, SNIST, Hyderabad

ICANN Involvement

Planning to start ISOC & ICANN group at our region


SSC, Jagtial Intermediate, Nayarana Junior College, Hyderabad