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Your support of ICANNWiki helps fund our staff, travel expenses, and last but not least, our highly visible conference giveaways, which are created in close collaboration with our Partners. These giveaways are an extremely cost-effective and memorable way to interact with the large and clearly-defined ICANN market. Partners can support as many giveaways as they want, for $3,000 apiece, in addition to the $2,000 Member fee. For further sponsorship options, please review our Sponsorship page or note our other high-level sponsorship opportunities, which include Caricature Badges and City Guides. In addition to our existing material, ICANNWiki is always eager to work with our Partners on developing new content and research projects on a customized basis. Contact jackie@icannwiki.com or dustin@icannwiki.com to continue the conversation!

Our t-shirts are a fun (and comfortable!) way to show your support of ICANNWiki and to expand your presence at ICANN and beyond. T-shirts are normally worn after the conference and are one of the most long-lasting option in our giveaway collection.