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How about NOT changing the information in someone's bio without actually consulting with first?

Technically we view a bio and every other page on the site as something to be maintained by the community, a lot of this updating falls in to the hands of the few contracted writers of the site. People's bios are changed periodically as new searches are performed, to keep references accurate, and to be up to date with new positions in the industry, etc. I'm afraid that if we tried to contact people for every edit that we would never make any edits, though this is something I will discuss with the rest of the team as a new idea. Going back through the history of the article on you, Mr. Jacobsen, I am only showing formatting changes - that is, there have been no edits by us to the actual content of your page outside of linking and formatting the page since you were last active on the site. Please let me know if I can help with anything, via my talk page on the site or via email (andrew[at] Best, and I hope to see you in Beijing or beyond, Andrew (talk)