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Type: Government
Industry: Telecommunications
Founded: January 2001
Headquarters: Fakaofo
Country: Tokelau
Website: dot tk
Facebook: dot tk
Key People
Tino Vitale, General Manager

Teletok is the local telecommunication company of Tokelau also known as Telecommunication Tokelau Corporation. As it is a communication corporation for a small group of islands, the company is not that developed and has less than 10 phone lines.[1] It works for the promotion of technology and communications in Tokelau, and is the manager for Tokelau's ccTLD, .tk[2] Teletok uses solar energy to fulfill its electricity needs while the rest of the island uses imported petroleum.[3] They have been involved in setting up Internet and computer resource centers, training local technicians, and funding ICT projects.[4]

Teletok is a member of the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA),[5] they are also involved with APNIC.[6]

Dot TK

In 2001, a Dutch entrepreneur Joost Zuurbier proposed the idea of establishing Tokelauan .tk domain. After finalising deal with local people Zuurbier went on to convince ICANN which took about 5 more years. Once ICANN approved the project, Teletok was formed to manage Tokelau's newly established IT infrastructure.[7] Teletok started a joint venture with a private company, BV Dot TK, to establish the ccTLD, .tk. Registration of .tk domain names has been provided free of charge since then to increase global awareness of Tokelau. However, you can choose to pay to get full rights over the domain and support the government of Tokelau.[8] To stop the illegal and pornographic activities on .tk domains, Teletok has developed a system that detects and blocks such material.[9]

Tokelau has benefited a lot from the establishment of its own domain. The revenue of island has been increased considerably. Besides this, Tokelau is much more in touch with the rest of the world now. Government of Tokelau is trying to find more renewable energy sources to ensure reliable power supply across the island.[10]