The Spamhaus Project

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Logo - The Spamhaus Project.png
Type: Public, nonprofit
Industry: cybersecurity
Founded: London, 1998
Founder(s): Steve Linford
Headquarters: Av Princep Benlloch 26-30, Andorra la Vella
Country: Andorra
Employees: 38 (2021)
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@spamhaus
Key People
Steve Linford, founder and CEO

The Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit based in Andorra, starting in 2019, that tracks spam and cyber threats worldwide.[1] The organization was founded in 1998 in London by Steve Linford.[1]

Products & Research

Spamhaus maintains and distributes a number of blocklists that assist in the prevention of exploitation, spam, and Malware from corrupted links. Many of Spamhaus' services are free of charge, so long as that use is "non-commercial" and the user is a "small [or] medium sized" organization that makes calls to Spamhaus servers or mirrors at a volume "reasonably expected in circumstances of non-commercial use." Large organizations or commercial providers may use Spamhaus services by subscription.

Spamhaus Blocklists

Spamhaus maintains a large number of DNS-based blocklist (DNSBL) servers across the world to facilitate queries to its various blocklists. In addition, it offers router and firewall software packages to facilitate safe browsing on the Internet.[1] The organization maintains blocklists for spam, exploits and malware, DNS Abuse policy monitoring, and low-reputation domains, such as those that have been registered for malicious intentions or have been compromised.

Spamhaus Botnet Threat Updates

Spamhaus publishes quarterly and annual reports of botnet activity, trends in botnet growth, innovations in the resiliency of botnets, and most-abused TLDs.[2]