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Affiliation: united-domains AG
Country: Germany
Email: ettel [at] united-domains.de

link=united-domains.de   [united-domains.de united-domains.de]

Facebook: link=tettel   [tettel Tim Ettel]
LinkedIn: link=tim-ettel   [tim-ettel Tim Ettel]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @eddoblaster

Tim (Oliver) Ettel is the Managing Director at united-domains Reselling GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of united-domains AG.[1]

Ettel studied Electrical Engineering from Saarland University and can speak English, French and German.[2]

From 2006 - 2009, he was the Owner[3] and CEO at 1API GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of HEXONET. He has also worked as the COO at HEXONET GmbH. He attended a couple of ICANN meetings back then.